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At Carmel Research Center we have many different areas of expertise. Many of these projects are complementary. They analyze important scientific problems, goals, issues, and applications from different points of view. For example, we use several different techniques and methods of modeling and simulations. Below we highlight a few of the many project areas and techniques we employ at CRC.

I. Space Weather: Protecting technology, infrastructure, health, and society. We forecast the onset, duration, severity, and "all clear" for space weather impacts at various space-based and ground-based assets. These assets include satellites, airlines, and ground-based electric power grids.

II. Solar Wind: Analyzing the disturbed and quiet solar wind from the Sun to the outer edges of our heliosphere. Our comprehensive analyses of particles and fields measurements and interpretations of these results in light of theoretical expectations has led to many important results. For example, we found that events originating at the Sun gave rise to space weather throughout the heliosphere. Based on our employing three-dimensional (3D) magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) modeling of events originating at the Sun and comparing these simulations with the available spacecraft data throughout the heliosphere we were able to track these events in 3D. This "benchmarking" has included comparisons with ACE, Ulysses, Voyager 1, Voyager 2, and other spacecraft data. Our 3D MHD modeling also includes the effects on interplanetary (IP) shock propagation and on solar wind parameters of pickup protons (PUPs) that originate from inflowing interstellar neutral hydrogen (H) interacting with the outflowing solar wind protons. Soon we will be adding links to some of our papers on these topics.

III. Energetic Particles:

IV. Interaction of our Heliosphere and the Interstellar Medium:

Publications include:

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